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Harness the power of Expert Trading with Karan evidenced by a steadfast 100% success rate with verifiable testimonials. 

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Disclaimer: We do not Invest funds on behalf of anyone.

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Our Vision

At 'Crypto with Karan', we're not just about numbers and markets; we're about people and their dreams. My journey, from a curious TikTok creator to a trusted name in crypto world. Our vision is to make the complex world of cryptocurrency simple and accessible to everyone. We believe that with the right guidance and a touch of inspiration, anyone can unlock the potential of digital currencies. Our mission is to guide you through every step and inspire our global community towards informed trading and investment success.

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Trade Smart, Invest Wise with Karan


Expert-driven Futures and Spot Signals for confident trading on Mexc & Kucoin exchanges with 100% success Rate with Challenge.

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Unlock market potential with our integrated analysis and strategic investment guidance.

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Explore the world's first FREE Helpcentre at 'Crypto with Karan', offering complete guidance on crypto trading and investments. Learn everything from basics to advanced strategies at no cost.

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 This isn't just a claim, it's our proven track record. We're so confident in our accuracy that we offer a bold challenge: If you can demonstrate that our success rate is anything less than 100%, we will reward you with $20,000. Join us for a trading experience where confidence meets unmatched reliability."

VIP Group Success

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In our VIP trading group, the last 45 days have been a testament to our unmatched expertise in the crypto market. From November 25th to January 13th, we've executed 159 futures and 23 spot trades, all achieving a 100% success rate. This exceptional performance is highlighted by a staggering trading volume of $64.2 million last month, showcasing our proven ability to navigate the market with precision and profitability.


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$64.2 M

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"Crypto with Karan" stands as a beacon of trust and credibility in the world of cryptocurrency promotion. Recognized by the Australian government as a legitimate crypto promoter, I specialize in collaborating with projects that feature doxed teams, ensuring transparency and security for our community. Notable collaborations include the remarkable success of Omax Coin, BeastNFT, and Hommies Token, where my promotional efforts significantly contributed to their exponential growth and market impact. If you're seeking a trusted partner to elevate your crypto project,  email for a collaboration that values integrity and results."


Paid Consultation

Unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency journey with tailored, paid consultations at 'Crypto with Karan'. Dive into the depths of specific crypto projects or broaden your understanding of the crypto landscape with my personalized advice and in-depth research, designed to enlighten and guide your path in the digital currency world."

Disclaimer: Our consultations do not constitute financial advice; final investment decisions are solely your responsibility.

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In our journey from May 2021 to January 2024, 'Crypto with Karan' has consistently demonstrated remarkable foresight and success in the cryptocurrency market. Here are some of our achievements:

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